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What the Plan can do for You

Free Web design

Your site will be designed in a neat and simple web design, taking your ideas and suggestions into consideration. The bottom line is that we both must be satisfied with the results.

Free Site Building

You will supply only the content: text, images and site structure. We will review the material and, if necessary, will discuss it with you until everything is clear to us and to the future audience.

Free Domain Name Registration

You will be asked to supply a unique name for your domain, like or If necessary, we'll discuss the matter with you and then your new free domain will be registered.

Free Email account

You will be given a new free email account, like[email protected]. All the mail
sent to your new account will be automatically redirected to your usual email address.

Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to be top-listed in search results (search engine rankings) your site will be built according to the experts' latest recommendations concerning HTML programming, website design, site optimization, etc.

Free Web Hosting

The new site will be hosted on our US based server. You will not have to worry about DNS, bandwidth, disk space… Leave us all the headache and concentrate on the most important issue: The Content!

Free Submission to Major Search Engines

Upon your final approval, your site will be put online and submitted to the top search engines. Then we'll lean back and patiently wait a few weeks and see what happens... Good luck!
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What You can do for the Plan

Concentrate on the Content

To be accepted to Luzzati's Plan, at our sole discretion, your proposed new site's content must be serious and non commercial. It must have a solid cultural or informative base and be of wide public interest in order to attract many visitors. This, in turn will increase our advertising exposure. It must be written in a correct language (English, French, Italian or Spanish), without grammar or syntax mistakes.
Your first step will be to send us a message including a short description of your idea for the new site.
If your project is approved, we'll ask you to send us the material (text and images) divided according to a clear hierarchic page structure, along with your free domain name request.
At this point we will be ready to start building your new site. It will take between

a week and a month. In the end, when the site is online, we'll ask you to conduct a very important but easy link exchange campaign.

Manage an easy Link Exchange Campaign

We'll send you clear instructions explaining how to individuate third party sites with similar or related content, how to contact their webmasters and propose to swap links between the sites. Your link partner sites will then be included in your site's Link page and your site's link will be included in your partner's link page. The more sites with similar or inherent content that link to you, the more your web popularity will grow. The link exchange campaign may take up to an hour of your daily time for about two weeks. You don't need any special skill, besides being able to maintain friendly minimal correspondence with other site owners or webmasters.

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Your freedom to stop the Plan whenever you wish

Your freedom is very important to us. That's why our Plan allows you to terminate our partnership at any moment, at your sole discretion. You may then either take full control of your site and domain by purchasing the web services you received so far or exit. In this case, your site will remain online while your personal or contact information will be deleted upon request.
At every stage of the Plan you will be kept informed about the value of the web services you have received so far and you will always know the exact price you would be asked to pay in case you take full control over your site and terminate our partnership.

Web Design and Site Building Value

In case you decide to take full control of your website, at any moment you wish, you will be able to buy our services according to the following Service Value price list:
The first page of your site: $150 including a simple logo, text and up to 4 images or scan photos.
Each additional page is worth $100 including repeated logo, text and up to 4 images or scan photos.
Domain Name Registration is worth $49.
Email Account's setting is worth $30.
Search Engine Optimization is worth $50.
Web Hosting will never be charged.
Search Engine Submission is worth $30.
Prices for more complex site features, like forms, music, image editing, etc., will be calculated upon request.

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